Identity Envy: Wanting to Be Who We're Not - Creative Nonfiction by Queer Writers, edited by Jim Tushinksi and Jim Van Buskirk
Now Available from Routledge Publishers

Identity Envy is a collection of creative nonfiction by queer writers exploring their attachment to another identity—a different race, religion, ethnicity, sex, nationality, class, a pop culture figure, something, anything—while wrestling with feelings of displacement, of not belonging.

Humorous and hard-hitting, poignant and provocative, Identity Envy includes essays, memoir, and creative nonfiction that explore the dynamics of growing up and being grown up, of wanting to belong and of finding one's way.

Featuring work by D. Travers Scott, Perry Brass, Jeff Mann, Joan Annsfire, John Gilgun, Max Pierce, Daniel M. Jaffe, Renate Stendhal, Andrew Ramer and more.